Proposal to update the current By-Laws from April 2, 2008

The Board of Fire Commissioners reviewed the current By-Laws, that was last updated in April 2008, in consultation with past Commissioners and has proposed an update to these By-Laws.

At the Nichols Fire District Annual Meeting on May 10th, we will be voting on proposed By-Law changes for the Nichols Fire District.  You can get copies, for your review, of the current and proposed By-Laws on the Nichols Fire District Web Site, under the Legal Notices tab or the News/Announcement tab (links above).  You can also pick up a copy of both on the front porch of the Nichols Fire District office at 112 Shelton Rd located next to the Fire House.

Below are some of the main changes in the proposed By-Laws.

The main differences between the proposed By-Laws and the current one are in Article 4.

Article 4, Section1 currently states: Composition of the Commission. The Commission shall consist of three (3) Commissioners and Three (3) Officers (Secretary, Tax Collector and Treasurer) to be elected….

Propose change: The Composition of the Board of Fire Commissioners. The Board of Fire Commissioners shall consist of three (3) Commissioners….

The three officers would be appointed by the Commission instead of being elected as outlined in the Officers and Duties section 4 of Article 4 in the proposed By-Laws.  

The other significant change is in Article 4, Section 3 Election: These 2 sub-sections were added.

  • Those individuals, who desire their names to be placed in nomination as candidates for Commissioner shall submit in writing, by mail or hand delivered to the Chairman, Commission, their desire to run at least fifteen (15) calendar days before the April monthly meeting of the Board. 
  • Individuals who intend to run must be present at the April Monthly meeting, must be nominated and that nomination must have a second.  

The above changes would put us in alignment with the Long Hill and Trumbull Center Fire Districts.  

Please read through the entirety of the proposed By-Laws as there are other modifications.


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